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Katie our Volunteer Coordinator

Katie our HONK! Fest West Volunteer Coordinator would LOVE to hear from you!



Below is a list of currently open roles within the Organizing Committee. These positions are distinguished between Committee-level roles and Long-term Volunteer roles. What’s the difference?

  • Committee Roles usually have an increase in responsibility and commitment. They are also expected to attend all regular committee meetings.
  • Long-term Volunteer Roles, aka Super-Volunteers, are usually roles that fit into a planning committee. They are not expected to attend regular meetings of the Organizing Committee and report to a committee level lead. These roles tend to have less responsibility and commitment throughout the year.

Graphic Designer| Long-term Volunteer

This person will take the festival artwork and incorporate it into all our marketing materials (posters, handbills), design our merchandise (t-shirts!), and create designs for our social and marketing team.

Festival Art| Short-term Volunteer

This talented individual will create the festival art piece that will be on all merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, etc), posters, handbills, marketing and other advertising for the year.

Volunteer Coordinator| Committee

The Volunteer Coordinator is our chief cat wrangler and fun instigator, and the source of sunshine for all our eager volunteers. Responsible for the recruitment, retention, rostering and wrangling of both year-round and event-based volunteers, the VC is the most vital link in the entire festival’s chain of awesomeness.

Marketing Coordinator| Committee

This person will align the media strategy with the overall H!FW mission and vision for the year and between the different roles (ie social media platforms, website, print/digital ad timing). You will also respond to media and publicity requests, create the copy that goes into our website, social media, press releases, radio ads, and other outfacing materials. They will also cultivate relationships with reporters and pitch stories.

Outreach Coordinator| Committee

This amazing person will come up with an overall outreach strategy for HONK! Fest West. They will also play a role in partnerships and sponsorships, create the community newsletter and build strong connections between the Committee, the bands, and the HONK! Fest West family.

Fundraising Campaign Lead| Long-term Volunteer

This is part of the FUNdraising sub-committee. The Campaign Lead will be in charge of managing campaigns and programs such as year-end giving, corporate giving, GiveBIG, and other giving campaigns as needed.

HONK! Planner| Committee

As the planner of HONK! locations, you will scout out potential new locations for the festival, plan out festival site for day-of activities, and wrangle the permitting and operations team into a cohesive unit.


Not sure where you best fit in? Don’t let that stop you from participating in what is sure to be a grandly rewarding experience! Just email volunteers@honkfestwest.org. We’ll get back to you quickly and discuss the possibilities. In the meantime, check the website, our facebook page, and our Twitter feed often to keep up to snuff on what’s happening!